Welcome to the website for the Association of Ocean Rowers.

We were setup in 2006 by ocean rowers for ocean rowers. The aim of the AOR is to help ocean rowers row across oceans and we try to do this in a variety of different ways.

This website comprises a large listing of companies and potential solutions that we hope will be useful in helping to decide what to put in and on your boat (as well as the boat itself).
There is also a chat page where you can ask questions and comment on other conversations.
…and we are always at the end of a telephone or email to answer  questions about the sport or put you in the direction of someone who should be able to help. And we now have a facebook page

We don’t endorse any specific companies or services but are willing to list any relevent details on the website so if you run a company that may be able to help ocean rowers with your service then please get in touch.

Yours in adventure

The AOR team

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