Welcome to the website for the Association of Ocean Rowers (AOR) we were founded in 2005 by a group of ocean rowers who wanted to help ocean rowers for ocean rowers.

The founding members were:

Chris Martin
Sally Kettle
George Simpson
Matt Boreham
Jerry Rogers

The people helping to run the AOR changes on a periodic basis but it’s goal remains the same. “To promote the sport of Ocean Rowing by offering assistance and advice to those who choose to participate in the sport themselves, while providing an enjoyable social network for social rowers and interested parties.”

The AOR doesn’t endorse any products or services but we do aim to provide as comprehensive a list of product and services as possible to help you achieve your goal of rowing across an ocean.

Currently the AOR is voluntarily managed by

  • Chris Martin
  • Rachel Smith

If you’d like to help out too then why not get in touch?

Why not get in contact with us at secretary@oceanrowers.com

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