Stein Hoff (Norway)

is going to row the Atlantic W-E solo on board Fox II to commemorate and honour the first ever row across an ocean by Norwegian-Americans Georg Harbo and Gabriel “Frank” Samuelsen 120 years earlier, as well as hoping to be the first Norwegian to row the Atlantic from West to East. The row will start in Battery Park, Manhattan, New York and will end in St. Mary, Scilly Isles, England.
When successful, Stein will become the oldest (71) person to row an ocean.
The departure is scheduled for Sunday, 15th May 2016

Press article >>> 21.10.2015
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FB page – Stein Hoff – Atlantic Row 2016

Graham Walters (UK)

Is getting ready to set off to sea again. Graham has already rowed the Atlantic E-W four times (2 – in Pair and 2 – Solo), the last time – in a historic boat of David Johnstone & John Hoare – Puffin.
This time he will row a restored and re-equipped historic boat of Sidney Genders – Khaggavisana
When successful, Graham will become the oldest solo ocean rower
The departure from Gran Canaria is planned for December 2015